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About CS&TP

Client Services & Trusted Providers (CS&TP) is an independent, privately held company specializing in marketing for international law firms in the areas of corporate services, trust services and trusts, legal and tax consulting.

Our services are personal, confidential and tailored to specific customer requirements.

When you are confronted with a corporate, tax or legal issue, you often don’t know where to start. Selecting and evaluating a vendor that is right for your needs and that you can entrust with your business structures, tax and legal issues is a difficult task.

It is not always easy to find the facts you need to make a good decision. Your commitment, both personal and financial, can be very high.

CS&TP can help you. Our free service is designed for both individuals and businesses and provides easy access to exactly the business service providers, accountants or lawyers you need!

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Company Banking

Corporate banking describes all financial services offered specifically to companies, such as cash management, financing, insurance, bonds or other instruments. Our partner banks manage specific business areas and address the needs of corporate clients, regardless of whether they are consumer or retail clients.

We work with reputable banks in all major jurisdictions. 


Do you need help with international business law?

Attorneys specializing in international corporate law are entrusted with cases involving legal and business relationships between countries, including issues such as international agreements and international trade regulations.

Use CS&TP to find a lawyer for international law or contact us if you need advice on international scenarios or cross-border transactions.

International lawyers focus on a range of issues, including international business, international trade, international tax and international law.

When do I need an international lawyer?

You need an international lawyer if you are involved in trade or services between foreign nations. International lawyers are your first bastion in your negotiations for foreign transactions or any type of contract. The laws of the two countries are often very different and you need an experienced partner who can make sure that your contracts are legally secure in both countries.

An international lawyer can help you with all aspects of international trade. International lawyers are able to help you with customs imports, compliance with international agreements and also with individual negotiations of agreements.

When international agreements relating to foreign trade are concluded in domestic politics, it is the international lawyer’s task to read, understand and inform his client of this agreement so that he is aware of the current international guidelines and it is ensured that business practices comply with these formalities. You will also need an international lawyer when dealing with patents in other nations. If you are doing a business that deals with innovation and intellectual property, you will have access to an international attorney who is an expert in international patent litigation and can protect your property rights in foreign nations.

There is hardly anything as authoritative as international law, but there are still many international treaties that must be respected. An international lawyer should be familiar with all international trade agreements, trade laws, trade barriers and all other aspects of international agreements.

Tax Consulting

Do you need advice or a tax consultant or accountant for your international tax project? For all areas, from certifications to the most diverse consultations, possibilities or projects, the CS&TP experts offer the suitable and highly qualified know-how.

Regardless of your specific concerns or the area in which you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts and accountants can help you professionally. Contact us with your inquiry today!

Our auditors offer international services:

financial accounting

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